Watch Famous Boob Twerker Sara X Do Her Thing to "Jingle Bells" — VIDEO

I can't even twerk with my ass, let alone my boobs, so it follows that the boob twerker Sara X is a personal hero of mine. Internet sensation Sara X has released "Sara X Presents: A Very Sara Xmas" in which she twerks her boobs to "Jingle Bells". Given that she's made a name for herself jingling her bells, this is the most perfect Christmas gift she could bestow upon the Internet. In a Santa hat and festive bikini (it's literally got bells on it), standing next to a Christmas tree and doing that adorable doe-eyed thing she does, with as much ceremony as possible, Sara X gives us the seasonal boob twerk we never knew we always wanted. This is one Christmas joy Mariah Carey hasn't given us (sorry Mariah, you're still our Christmas Queen).

Seriously though, whatever you've got planned for Christmas is shitty compared to Sara X's jingle boobs. So you better get practicing, meaning working those chest muscles and buying a jingle-kini. Maybe do some curls and push-ups to build that upper body strength, and definitely use one of those machines you sit on and use your arms to pull weights toward each other. Gym terminology: I clearly don't know it. This has to got be all in the upper body muscles, right? And you can't twerk your muscles unless you have them. Be right back, I'm going to try and take control of my boob muscles. See you in summer.

Sara X Mills on YouTube