YSL's Google Glass Makeup Tutorials at Selfridges Provide a Totally Personalized Beauty How-To — Could the Technology Be Changing the Cosmetics Counter Game?

I'll never forget the first time I had my makeup done at a beauty counter in a department store. It was my 13th birthday, and I was visiting New York City for the first time. I was just making my entry into the world of cosmetics, so I was thrilled when my mom booked me an appointment with a Stila makeup artist at Barney's. But even though I ended up buying the silver-blue eyeshadow and pink gloss, I could never get the look just right again. Almost 10 years later, I still find it impossible to recreate the magic a makeup artist can bestow. YSL Beauty is making this struggle a thing of the past, though, by using Google Glass to film their techniques.

This innovative use of the technology made its debut at the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counter at Selfridges today in London, and the idea is proving to be ingenious. As the makeup artist goes to work, he or she explains what they're doing as the camera films their methods. After the appointment is over, the client will receive their super-personalized video tutorial within 20 minutes, along with before and after shots and a list of the products the artist used.

This might be one of the coolest uses of Google Glass that I've heard so far. This idea will make its way to more UK department stores in the next year, and it wouldn't surprise me if this trend spreads quickly to stores across the U.S., too (which is good, because I don't live in England.)

According to the Telegraph reporter who tried it firsthand, "The only snag [is] that you watch back a mirror image of yourself in the film, but [it's] hardly a problem when the commentary... clears things up."

So, could this be totally game-changing for beauty tutorials as we know them? As Google Glass becomes more widespread, we could see more of not only beauty counters utilizing it, but also YouTube beauty bloggers.

Time will tell, but one thing's for sure — as soon as a makeup counter around me starts using this method, I am so there.

Image: Twitter/@mediascape_b