Raise Your Hand If 'Dads' Offended You

In case you missed it, Seth MacFarlane's new series Dads premiered Tuesday night on Fox. If you're anything like us and have been following the pre-premiere coverage of the show — the idiotic promos, the racist jokes, the sexist themes...to name a few things — then you may have already formed an opinion about the series.

MacFarlane isn't exactly known for the subtlety in his humor (anyone who has seen even one episode of Family Guy or his movie, Ted, can attest to this), but when the humor starts bearing racist undertones — not to mention uses the talented Brenda Song as somewhat of a prop by having her dress up as a sexy Asian schoolgirl — then there's a problem. It says something that the show had to employ the use of laugh tracks as if the audience needs to know when to laugh, rather than just letting us make our own decisions about what's funny and what isn't. And many of us aren't finding jokes about race and sexism hilarious.

So, I'm not here to dispute any of that — but since the premiere just aired last night, I was curious to take a look at the reactions of those who actually tuned in and shared their thoughts on Twitter:

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly