7 Times Miss Piggy Proved Herself the Most Fabulous and Fashionable Fatshionista You've Ever Seen

She's everyone's favorite blonde bombshell, what with that fabulously curvaceous figure and the oodles of sex appeal. She looks breathtaking in everything she wears, and the dudes literally fall at her feet. No, I'm not talking about Marilyn Monroe. I'm talking about the amazing Miss Piggy!

In a society that needs all the positive plus-size role models it can get, Miss Piggy has been flying the flag for fatties everywhere for decades. She is a fatshion icon who is not afraid to date a smaller man or wear a glistening tutu. She has bags of confidences and knows what she wants. Oh, and she's a pig. It's perfection, really.

Growing up in a fat family, I adored Miss Piggy. For me, she represented everything the women in my family wished they could be. She was self-assured, sexy, not limited by her body. And no one constantly asked about her health — her fat was simply a non-issue. It is a scenario many fat women dream of, and my hope is that one day (in my lifetime, if I'm lucky) it will become our reality. We will all be Miss Piggy!

Another incredible thing about this porcine babe is that she is a career woman, but no one ever asks her why she doesn't have children. She lives her life the way she wants to and doesn't have to justify herself to anyone, ever. IMAGINE THAT. Wouldn't it just be the best?!

In tribute to my favorite pink diva, the sensational swinette, here are seven moments when Miss Piggy was the most fabulous pig we've ever seen.

Images: Universal Pictures; TriStar Pictures; Walt Disney Pictures

by Sarah Martindale

Perfectly Pink

In The Great Muppet Caper, Miss Piggy wore this amazing pink-fringed number. Sure, she was impersonating her boss at the time, but she still looked amazing doing it.

All That's Fair, or Fine, or Wonderful, or Anything: Miss Piggy

Her fabulous daydreamed homage to Ethel Merman in the synchronized swimming scene of The Great Muppet Caper is what I think of when I need to define the word fabulous. I mean, she comes out of the water with lit sparklers on her head. OK, I know this is a camera trick and blah blah. But let’s just suspend the disbelief for a second and enjoy the thought that she has magic confidence powers that keep fire lit underwater.

Roller Skating Through Central Park

Remember that scene in Muppets Take Manhattan in which Miss Piggy thought Kermit was giving huggies to another girl? She gets so angry that she steals a guy’s roller skates and chases Kermit through the park. This may not be her most demure moment, but who wants to be demure ALL the time? Plus, she doesn’t even break a sweat, proving that fat doesn’t equal unhealthy or unfit. So there.

Eating Donuts, Moi?

Showing us she is not afraid to enjoy a high fat/carby/sugary snack now and again, Piggy can rock a short bob haircut just as beautifully as the long and wavy locks we know so well.

Stunning in Sequins

Piggy does not know the meaning of “over-accessorize,” nor does she want to. She will team pearls with jewels and sequins without batting an eye. That’s just the kind of woman she is.

Showing Her Versatility

In Muppets Christmas Carol, Piggy plays the wife of Scrooge’s long-suffering secretary, Bob Cratchett. As Emily Cratchett, Piggy demonstrates her versatility, pulling off a period costume with ease! And she would know, since her greatest criticism of Scrooge is that he is “odious, stingy, and badly dressed.” (Gasp!)

Taking Her Rightful Place as Queen (of Everything)

Now, we all know Miss Piggy is a goddess-queen deserving of our never-ending worship and praise, but it was so good to see it recognized onscreen in Muppets Treasure Island. Finally, she is where she belongs: on a throne.