Cameron Diaz Has the Ideal Body for Women and Kate Upton Wins for Men, According to Women's Health, Proving Everyone Definitely Wants Different Things

We've all heard the cliche before that women want to be skinny, and men want them to be curvy. And we probably think it's just that — a cliche. But a new study from Women's Health Magazine reveals ideal body figures, according to both sexes, and as it turns out, cliches might actually have some truth to them.

The study, carried out by both Men's Health UK and Women's Health UK magazines, revealed that while Cameron Diaz has women's most wanted figure, the guys see it a little differently. According to the poll, men think Kate Upton has the most desirable female figure. So curves really did win out, this time. But don't worry, the study didn't forget about the dudes. Men desired Hugh Jackman's ripped Wolverine physique, while women preferred Ryan Gosling's (surprise, surprise) more streamlined frame.

So apparently, men and women do think differently. Now, this is just an isolated study, so of course there are men who prefer skinny and women who prefer curvy, and vice versa, but what the results do show us is that perception is just that — perception — and if you think someone else wants you to look a certain way just because you want to look that way, chances are, you're being too narrow-minded about it.

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