New Zealand News Reported on a Dog Attacking Cars With the Most Ridiculous Graphics Ever — VIDEO

If at first you don't succeed, try, try…try again. At least, I'm pretty sure that is the intended lesson behind this hilarious New Zealand news report about a runaway dog, who apparently specializes in puncturing tires with his teeth. The dog was on the prowl when an officer tried to apprehend it. Anyone dealing with an unfamiliar dog might assume that a scared, runaway dog, when cornered would either haul ass or maybe go after the human trying to capture it, but not this dog. He cunningly bit through the officer's tire and punctured it. The officer immediately replaced the tire, at which point the dog must have had a thought process something like, "Oh rly? Try me, bro" and punctured it again. Naturally, a back-up officer was called in, at which point—you guessed it—the dog punctured his tire, too. This saucy animal has no chill at all, god bless him.

As ridiculous as the situation is, it isn't half as ridiculous as the coverage by a New Zealand television station, complete with deadpan narration and richly informative graphics of a dog chomping off police cars. I love living in a world where a lawless dog figuratively saying "eff the police" makes headline news.

In any case, we know that someone's hard-earned degree in computer graphics paid off today, and that whoever sells car tires within a five mile radius of this rogue dog is having a banner week of sales. Although I would have liked to see actual footage of the shenanigans, I don't know if I would have traded it in for this beautiful mess: