Lorde Has Straight Hair On The Cover Of 'Stella Magazine,' And The Results Are Absolutely Gorgeous

My favorite couldn't-care-less-popstar is known for her sultry voice, plum colored lips, never being royal, and enviably curly hair. Lorde is currently enjoying a whirlwind career as crazy as her curly locks, but in shoot for UK-based Stella Magazine , Lorde has straight hair that completely transforms her glam-goth look. And of course, she's still freakin' gorgeous. I'm still getting over the fact that this 18-year-old is cooler than me.

On the cover of Sunday's issue of the UK Telegraph's Stella Magazine, Lorde's hair is just as sleek as her pipes and pulled back in an awesome pompadour. And what's even cooler is Lorde's fashion transformation throughout the rest of the photo spread. While I've always been a fan of her all-black Vampira look, a pure white turtleneck with high-waisted navy pants is a fun, preppy, change. Perfect for the "Tennis Court," amiright?!

I would've thought that seeing Lorde with her deliciously wild hair straightened into submission would've bummed me out. Seeing the Pure Heroine singer rock her locks in front of tons of jealous fans gave me the confidence to also embrace my crazy curls. But a little change never hurt anybody, and switching back is as easy as jumping in the shower.

Images: Getty Images, BjornKrischker/Twitter