This Toddler Dances to Dubstep Better Than You

Hello, and welcome to your first day on the Internet! With the Internet, you can check out absolutely anything: a glow-in-the-dark toddler running wild on Halloween, a miniature Hova doppelgänger, or perhaps a story of a claw machine-climbing toddler. Sure, there's also email and stock quotes and junk like that, but mostly the Internet is used to find adorable toddlers adorably doing adorable toddler stuff. How much do you already love this Internet thing?!

This week's obsession comes in the form of a dubstepping tot named Tegan, who's busy breaking it down while basic babies are still busy learning how to walk. Psshhh, amateurs, thinks Tegan, maybe. He probably hasn't yet added the word amateur to his vocabulary, but he's thinking it nonetheless. Video of this wunderkind blew up recently, and in response, his family quickly gave the people what they wanted: more videos of Tegan straight up killing it. I never thought I'd use the word dope to describe a child, but this is the world we live in now, and I'm certainly not complaining.

Please join us in our crusade to #FixTheInternet (that a certain someone broke): Write your local Congressman and demand more #BabyDrop.

Images: Pro Flo/Youtube