The Best 2015 Planners To Help You Start The New Year Off Right And Stay Organized

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With New Year's Eve just around the corner and all those New Year's resolutions beginning to pile up, you better be ready to have your life in check come January. That's where these cute 2015 planners come in.

It's easy to commit to a million and one new things with the start of a new year, but it's a little bit harder to remember them all (and make it on time, for that matter). Don't be the person who forgot about her commitments. Get a planner. Get a cute planner. After all, the cuter it is, the more likely you'll want to stare at it all day long. Compiled here are the 15 best planners and calendars for 2015. Nothing frees the mind like writing everything down in style.

Image: My B*tch Planner, $25,

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