Music Videos Are Even Better With Dogs

How do you automatically make any music video better? There are a few options: Either, you add Nicolas Cage somehow (case-in-point: Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video, with Nicolas Cage's face superimposed onto Miley's), you add a screaming goat (see: Another parody of "Wrecking Ball," featuring a screaming goat), or you reshoot the entire things with dogs instead of people. In the past, I was more inclined to say that the Nic Cage option was the best, but after seeing Tegan and Sarah's "Closer" video reworked to star dogs, I'm leaning towards the dog option as being the best. Just look at the Corgis! And they're doing dog karaoke! I CANNOT HANDLE ALL THIS CUTENESS ANYMORE SOMEONE HELP SOS.

Still not convinced? When I say the video was reworked to star dogs, that is exactly what I mean — Tegan and Sara took the video, shot by shot, and made it star dogs instead of people. The original music video was charming, quirky, and complimented the upbeat electronic feel to the song, but adding dogs just takes it to a whole other level. These are the types of music videos that artists should be doing these days.

You can check the video out below.