18 DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas That Are Easy, Budget-Friendly, And Way Cooler Than Store-Bought Holiday Gift Wrap

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You know that thing where you feel like you've discovered something, only to realize everyone else already knows about it? Well that happened to me when I set out to find creative DIY holiday gift wrap. I love kraft paper, aka butcher paper. It's my thing. Apparently it's pretty much everyone else's thing too, because kraft paper is everywhere. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take plain ol’ paper and embellish on it. In fact, it’s just the right blank slate on which to impose all sorts of crafty creativity.

A few easy tips:

Remember that you can print on, well, any paper that will go through a printer. No need to limit yourself to white printer paper or even brown kraft. Visit a good paper store and see what colors, and patterns, speak to you.

You can also copy something personal to you or your recipient onto your own paper — think sheet music, pages from a favorite book, a page from the dictionary, a collage of recipe cards. Let your imagination run.

Finally, if you’re not quite up for a full-on DIY project, do an online search for (free) printable wrapping and gift tags. There are a lot of talented and generous designers out there sharing their stuff with you and me.

Now, please indulge me as we look at these 18 holiday gift wrap DIYs that include, yes, a lot of brown paper. They're all doable by pretty much anyone, and they involve at least some stuff you already have around at home. And of course these ideas can be used as starting points and adapted to your own personal style, using whatever materials are your thing.

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