18 'Real Housewives' Product Gifts For Super Fans — Because The Housewives Always Have a Side Hustle

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Shopping during the holidays can get really stressful, especially when you are shopping for someone who you have no idea what to buy. Well, you're in luck if that special someone you're shopping for is a fan of Bravo's Real Housewives series, because there are a ton of Housewives inspired products out there that any fan would be thrilled to have.

Watching the housewives of whatever city launch products with their new found fame never ceases to intrigue the masses. Whether it is a drink line, a toaster oven (yes, really) line, or maybe even a clothing line, the women that Bravo has enlisted across the country seem to never be short of money-making ideas (OK, so maybe they're not all raking in the money like Skinnygirl's Bethenny Frankel). Regardless of their success, we love the Real Housewives for trying and bringing more of them to our everyday lives.

So whether you're shopping for your sister, co-worker, or anti-Kenya cousin, consider shopping Real Housewives this holiday season, and you'll help keep these women employed!

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