11 Pasta Salad Recipes that Prove This Dish Is Made for Year-Round Consumption

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As far as summer dishes go, pasta salad is a classic. With the fresh veggies, light dressing, and cold noodles, it's basically an edible dream come true. But as soon as the bathing suits and white pants are put away for the year, we seem to forget that pasta salad is still an amazingly delicious meal we can eat. The temperature outside doesn't need to determine what we should and should not consume. I drink just as much lemonade as I do cinnamon lattes, and that doesn't mean I'm a seasonal etiquette failure. I realize such a title has never been established, but it feels like it's a thing that exists, doesn't it? Especially with the rule around white pants. Wear 'em in October and puzzled glances will be in abundance.

How silly is that? You should always wear, eat, and do whatever you want, regardless of the potential reactions from others. And that applies to the erroneous expectations surrounding seasonal meals. Cold noodles taste just as good, if not better, than hot noodles do on a chilly winter day. Pasta salad is also just a fantastic leftover, since you never have to worry about reheating and getting that weird, day-after microwave taste. Here are 11 drool-worthy recipes that prove pasta salad is for year-round consumption.

Image: The Kitchn

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