Kylie Jenner's mouth has been the subject of national conversation, thanks to her extremely full and flawlessly defined lips. Her painted pout looks to remain a hot topic: Kylie Jenner got a grill, calling even more attention to her pucker.

Jenner has claimed to be really bored by all this media talk about her exaggerated lips, and her big sis Kim Kardashian defended her, chalking it up to master makeup skills rather than sketchy plastic surgery. Still, the lips are clearly Jenner's favorite feature; she's not reeeeallly doing anything to deflect the chatter. She loves showing them off, which is fantastic as far as I'm concerned.

Grills can be fun, temporary accessories, and everyone from Katy Perry to Madonna to Lady Gaga has worn them in some capacity on the red carpet in recent years. But Jenner chose to flash hers in a black and white selfie. Yes, her bottom teeth grill adds a little glint to her mouth, but those infamous lips remain the focus in this pic.

One again, the youngest Kardashian sister reminds us why she is the gothy style rebel of the well-dressed krew.

See the IG pic of Kylie Jenner and her grill below:

The grill is cool and all, but here are five other easy, fun, and simple things Kylie Jenner can do to spotlight her fave feature.

1. Miley Cyrus Crooked Teeth

Obviously, these crazy cooked teeth are for conversation starting, Halloween parties, and total goofiness.

2. Plain Old Lip Gloss

While Jenner has shown a preference for dark, expertly lined, and matte lips, a slick of super shiny, soft pink or nude gloss is a sexy alternative.

3. Fake a Marilyn Monroe Mole

If Kylie gets bored, she can grab a black eyeliner, draw a quick dot on her cheek, and fake a Marilyn Monroe mole for some true glam.

4. Fake a Cindy Crawford Mole

Totally different from the Marilyn.

5. Do Nothing at All

I'm all for expressing yourself with makeup, but Kylie looks just as cute when she goes barefaced.

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