Is This The New Fanny Pack?

The best kind of fashion is hands-free fashion. We've come a long way from the prehistoric fanny pack to finally arrive at the cool cross-body bag, which is probably the most famed of the convenient bunch. Continuing the hands-free fashion evolution, Rita Ora wore a dress with a built-in purse to Q102'S Jingle Ball in Philadelphia on Wednesday night.

First came the fanny pack, then the Gucci belt bag (a way cooler version), and now the built-in purse? Seems to be the new, chic way to go bare, and I'm all for it. If anyone can pull this look off, it's Ora. She's infamous for taking major fashion risks and pushing the envelope time and time again. Remember when she wore that Spongebob sweaterdress with matching pumps? I know, I know. How could you forget?!

Surprisingly though, this particular ensemble looks cool and futuristic. She kept her hair and makeup pretty classic, which made the look elegant and sophisticated rather than tacky and just plain weird. I applaud her for successfully combining fashion and functionality with this look. After all, who wants to be stuck clutching a purse all night?!

Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Lisa Lake/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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