Michelle Duggar Helps Arkansas Take Away LGBTQ Rights With A Supremely Transphobic Message


This reality star family just worked to make America a little less tolerant: The city of Fayetteville just voted to repeal their non-discrimination ordinance. What's more, they did it with the help of the reality stars/frequent reproducers of the Duggar family, including a pretty transphobic robocall by Michelle Duggar.

According to Fusion the ordinance in question was one that sounds pretty handy to have around, banning the following:

The biggest argument opponents to the ordinance used was that the bill was bad for women because it allowed transgender people to use the restrooms of the gender they identified with. That argument is, yes, completely and utterly ignorant, considering that trans women are also, you know, women. But just you wait until you hear Michelle Duggar's robocall arguing the point — because it's even worse. Just straight-up awful, and straight-up inaccurate in more ways than the previously stated. Here's a bit of it:

Oh, can you sense it? It's about to get worse:

Literally everything she says (you can listen to the full call here) is balls-to-the-wall ignorant bull****, if you'll pardon my french, but that bit about predators is extra bull****. As the Human Rights Campaign said in a blog post about the Duggars' involvement in repealing the ordinance (emphasis mine):

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar also donated $10,000 to the campaigns of three of the ordinance's opponents.

My sincere condolences go out to every minority living in Northwestern Arkansas, and especially to any trans people who are living in a place that is less safe for them today.