Andre 3000 Is Turning His Stage Quote Jumpsuits Into T-Shirts, And You're Going To Want One

It has been a long while since we've heard from Outkast. Their last major limelight moment was probably their reunion tour which kicked off last April at Coachella. Although new music from the hip hop duo is nowhere near in sight, one member has been busy working on a discreet project which comes as a bi-product of this latest tour. Andre 3000 is launching a T-shirt line influenced by the evocative jumpsuits he wore throughout Outkast's reunion tour.

Being quite the fashionista himself, Andre had designed 47 custom jumpsuits, each with a different saying, as a way for him to express his thoughts and connect with his fans in a new way. Some of the hard-hitting quotes include "have you stopped growing?", "make love not war", and "across cultures, darker people suffer more. why?". But it was the "I love big girls" slogan that stirred the most buzz. The rap mogul revealed to Hard Knock TV that he got the idea after fans asked where they can get a shirt that says "I love big girls". This idea is pure genius because it's so purely simple. I can totally see celebrities, let alone fans, rocking shirts with these powerful messages (hint hint: Kanye West).

No word yet as to when and where the shirts will be launching, so we will just have to wait patiently. Until then, you can settle for admiring the works of art from afar, as they are currently hanging in a museum in Miami.

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