Snooki Has an Etsy Store and It's Beautiful

Our dear infamous and everlasting Snooki is known for many things: Drinking excessively, getting arrested on a public beach, and taking a punch to the face like an absolute trooper, just to name a few. Now, there's a decidely more crafty skill to add to that list, because Snooki has an Etsy store. Yep, between that, her two kids, marriage, and general avoidance of her old Jersey Shore hangouts, Snooki's, erm, Nicole Polizzi's suburban mom transformation is officially complete. You'll always be a little meatball in my heart, Snooki!

December 3 marked the momentous launch of Nicole's Craft Room on Etsy. I know you were all waiting for the day, don't even try to lie to me. Want a candle made by the Snooks herself? How about a homemade and grammatically incorrect "Your the Snooki to my Jwoww" coffee mug? Look no further! Snooki's got ya covered! The store has already completly sold out of everything but should be restocked before Christmas because Snooki never lets me down.

Check my favorite Nicole Craft Room goodies below and say hello to 2014's new Martha Stewart.

1. The Mermaid Mug

"Mermaids are real. This is for all my mermaid lovers. We are mermaids :)" She has such a way with words.

2. A Grammatically Incorrect BFF Mug

And today Snooki learned the importance of proofreading.

3. A Cup For Cat Lovers

Snooki says Meow.

4. Snooki's Go-To Wine Glass

"This glass is perfect for everyone. This is my go to wine glass when shit hits the fan. When it doubt, WINE!" I don't know about you, but Snooki seems like a perfectly respectable person to take drinking advice from.

5. Poop.

"Coffee makes all of us poop. Don't be shy, everybody poops people!" Thanks for that, Snooks.