"I Can't Breathe!" & 6 More Quotes That Defined 2014

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There's no denying that 2014 has been an eventful year, one of human innovation and viral videos — as every year is, thanks to the Internet — but also deep turmoil and tension. Aptly, a Yale University librarian picked "I can't breathe" as this year's most notable quote — a line that now serves as a rallying cry for those in opposition to police brutality and racial injustice, and symbolically representing the repression of minorities.

How, really, can we describe this year, though? How do we talk about the discrepancies between mankind's deep curiosity about space and still live in a society where seemingly sanctioned injustices take place, with little to no repercussions? A lot has happened — as it always does, because humanity just doesn't seem to be able to sit still, which I'm all for — but certain things, in particular, stand out. From the great big declarations of feminism to the ALS ice bucket challenge, ISIS to the Ebola outbreak, the FIFA World Cup to the emotional protests across the country, it's definitely been an exciting year. And since nothing illustrates a particular event more succinctly than words do, we've compiled a list of 2014's most powerful quotes to remember from this year.

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