17 Gifts for 'Bob's Burgers' Fans That Even Tina Belcher Would Love

Oh, Bob's Burgers, you're the light of my life. The grilled onions on my cheeseburger. The candy cane on my Christmas tree. The bourbon in my eggnog. How could I live without your wonderful combination of heartwarming family moments and eccentric humor? I can't. You're just too awesome. And I know I'm not the only one who loves this show, which is why I've gathered the best list of gifts for Bob's Burgers fans.

Whether you dig DIY holiday gifts or eye-catching accessories, this guide will have something awesome for the Bob's Burgers fans in your life.

Image: FOX

by Angelica Jade Bastién

'Bob's Burgers' Season 1-3 on DVD

While the show is streaming on Netflix and Hulu there’s something about owning the DVDs, no? So you can queue ‘em up to listen to such golden quotes as…

Bob: Tina, if you’re going to lie on the floor, at least roll over so I don’t have to mop up spills. Gene: What’s wrong with Tina? Linda: Puberty. Louise: Yeah, she’s pubing out real bad.

Bob’s Burgers Season 1, $17, amazon.com

Bob’s Burgers Season 2, $17, amazon.com

Bob’s Burgers Season 3, $22, amazon.com

A 'Bob's Burgers' Calendar

The Comics

These comics are cute, weird, and just as memorable as the show itself. Only the digital comics are still available at this price unless you want to shell out triple that much on other sites.

Bob’s Burgers Digital Comic, $9, amazon.com


Liven up your drab refrigerator with these bright magnets. You can pin important bills to the fridge and ignore them much like the Belcher family, if that’s your thing.

Bob’s Burgers Magnets, $20, amazon.com

Tina Belcher Phone Case

“You had me at horses” with this neon dream of a phone case.

Tina Belcher Phone Case, $7, amazon.com

Vinyl Record Clock

Definitely the most unique gift on this list. Give this to someone who doesn’t make your “heart poop its pants” but deserves your love (unlike Jimmy Pesto).

Bob’s Burgers Clock, $24, amazon .com

This Tina Belcher Poster

This is probably one of the best (and most memorable) quotes from role model and awkward badass, Tina Belcher. Not only is it stylish, it’s motivational.

Tina Belcher Quote Poster, $8, redbubble .com


“Mommy doesn’t get drunk, she just has fun” and now she can keep things neat no matter how much drinking she does with these eye-catching coasters.

Bob’s Burgers Coasters, $9.99, goldlabelgood.com

Bob's Burgers Minimalist Poster

Have a friend who recently moved into a new place in need of decor? This rad poster definitely fits the bill.

Minimalist Bob’s Burgers Poster, $8, redbubble .com

One Very Mod Tina Sticker

For the letter-writing Bob’s Burgers fans. Bonus: Add some quotes from Tina to make your letters even snazzier:

“I’m no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else” - Tina Belcher, Role Model

Tina Belcher Sticker, $5, redbubble.com

Tina Belcher Tote Bag

Have you ever seen a tote bag so awesome, so cool, and so beautiful? I don’t think so.

Tina Belcher Tote Bag, $17, society6.com

Pouch & Keychain

Keep life manageable with this handy pouch.

Bob’s Burgers Pouch & Keychain, $22, redbubble.com

Tina Unicorn Hoodie

“Time for the charm bomb to explode” with this comfy, cute hoodie.

Tina Belcher Unicorn Hoodie, $49.95, shop.fox.com

Tina Belcher Buttons

Want to advertise on your jacket or bag that you’re a “smart, strong, sensual woman”? Let Tina Belcher do that for you.

Tina Belcher Button, $2, etsy.com

...And Assorted Buttons

Need even more buttons for friends obsessed with Bob’s Burgers? Dig these.

Assorted Bob’s Burgers Character Buttons, $2, etsy.com

Hand-Painted Converse Hi-Top Sneakers

Pricey but so worth it. If you can’t afford it, follow Louise’s advice…“You could sell your soul. I did and look at me. I’m fine” - Louise BelcherOn second thought maybe that isn’t such a smart idea.

Hand Painted Vans Sneakers, $140, zibbet.com

Tina Belcher Stud Earrings

Tina’s awkward face makes for the best pair of earrings I’ve seen in ages. This Etsy shop also has a pair of Louise earrings, if you’re more into showcasing your snarky, not-to-be-messed with side.

Tina Belcher Stud Earrings, $8, etsy.com