Could Cynthia Nixon Save This Series?

After trying their hand at exclusive programming earlier this year, Amazon is finally ready to toss their hat in the original programming ring — and it seems they'll be relying on Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon and Strangers With Candy star Amy Sedaris to ensure its success. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has enlisted Nixon and Sedaris to star in their first original program Alpha House , which will be available in full later this year.

Though the premiere of Alpha House was made available back in April, the show was pretty sparse at the time: Following four senators who rent a house together in D.C., it really only featured the main, male-led cast (John Goodman, The Wire's Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy, to name a few) and — though written by Academy Award-nominee and Pulitzer Prize-winner Garry Trudeau — the massive amount of jokes about Republicans that could have been executed much, much better.

Now that the series has been picked up, though, it seems like it might start showing more promise with the new ladies: Nixon will star as a Democratic New York senator, Carly Armiston, and Sedaris will star as the "sweet, concerned" wife of another senator. Wanda Sykes was also cast as Sen. Rosalyn DuPeche, a democratic senator who is the neighbor to the four male senators, and Go On's Julie White will play the wife to Goodman's character.

Alpha House is currently filming in NYC, and will premiere later this year on Prime Instant Video.