Only She Could Make a Canadian Tux Look This Good

IMO, the Canadian tuxedo has always been a huge fashion "Don't." That is, until I noticed some very stylish people rocking the look. There's even a Harper's Bazaar emoji of a Canadian tux. If that's not enough to proclaim the trend "in," then perhaps this will do the trick — Alexa Chung is on the December 2014 ELLE Brazil cover wearing denim on denim.

The British model, television personality, and author actually landed two covers for this month's issue of the magazine. On one she wears a men's button-down over a black bralet, trousers, and a jauntily placed black hat. It was shot in black-and-white for a sultry, subdued vibe. The second cover, however, makes a statement. Chung sports a denim blouse with dramatic beading on the pronounced shoulders and sleeves and a similarly embellished pair jeans with a hole in one knee. Bold red lipstick completes the look.

To properly execute a Canadian tux, the top and bottom either need to be a perfect match (like Chung's) or such dramatically different shades that it somehow seems chic instead like something a farmer who got dressed in the dark would put together. This Elle cover outfit hits all the right notes. In fact, forget dresses — I think we should all embrace the embellished Canadian tuxedo for the holidays. Who's with me?

Image: ELLE Brazil