Proof That the U.S. Is Obsessed with Butts

I’m not sure I believe that being a butt person or a boob person reveals hidden elements of someone’s personality — but regardless, it’s pretty clear that the butts have it in the U.S. right now. Pornhub’s data-crunching blog, Pornhub Insights, just released their latest study examining butt vs. boob preferences worldwide, and, well... guess how most Americans feel about the matter? If you want to make a “Baby Got Back” joke in your head right now, go ahead. It’s kind of hard not to.

Pornhub and Youporn teamed with up Swiss site 20 Minuten for the study, which used anonymized data to figure out how popular search terms pertaining to boobs, butts, feet, legs, and “pussy” are throughout the world. For the record, “pussy” is probably my least favorite way to refer to a vagina, but that’s the precise word the study tracked, soooo… yeah. Anyway, they found that by and large, folks in the U.S. prefer butts to boobs right now. Of the 48 contiguous states (I didn’t see Alaska or Hawaii represented, unfortunately), 38 fell into the “butt people” category, while only 10 fell into the “boob people” one. Not only that, but the preference for boobs appears to be regional — according to this map, it’s located primarily in the Midwest and Maine:

<img width="620" alt="pornhub-boobs-versus-butts-united-states" src="" height="422" class="article-body-image"/>

I suppose the butt thing isn’t terribly surprising; all we’ve been hearing this year is how obsessed we’re supposed to be with them, so either those summations were accurate, or we’ve been adjusting our behavior to suit what we hear. It kind of makes me wonder if that’s why Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover failed to break the Internet — maybe we’re already so inundated with butts that one more didn’t make much of a difference. Still, though, all butts are awesome — that's undeniable — so hoorah? I guess?

But lest you think we're alone in our love of derrieres, however, we're definitely not. Here’s what the worldwide distribution looks like:

<img width="620" alt="pornhub-boobs-versus-butts-searches-worldwide" src="" height="496" class="article-body-image"/>

And just to make it a little more interesting, here’s what happens when you look at the data by continent instead of by country:

<img width="620" alt="pornhub-boobs-versus-butts-searches-continent" src="" height="496" class="article-body-image" title="Image:"/>

Check out that divide: Canada, the Americas, and Africa all dig butts, while Europe, Asia, and Australia are in the boobs camp. There doesn’t appear to be any data for Antarctica, though, so I guess there aren’t enough people there to accurately measure their porn consumption. Or something.

Anyway, though, as always, it’s probably best to look at this study as something kind of entertaining, rather than any sort of deep and meaningful data set. As EJ Dickson at The Daily wrote, “Like most Pornhub Insights posts, the boobs vs. butts study doesn’t reveal anything particularly telling; it’s more just a voyeuristic peek into global masturbation habits.” It's silly and fun and a little bit titillating, but not much more than that.

Head on over to Pornhub Insights to check out the data on feet, legs, and “pussy.”

Man, I hate that word. Sorry. Pet peeve.

Images: Jason Staten/Flickr; Pornhub Insights (3)