Steal Anna's Adorably Foxy Style

I think it's safe to say, that in some way or another, we all wish we were Anna Kendrick. After seeing Anna Kendrick wear a fox dress at a private screening of Into The Woods on Thursday, that's just further confirmed. Whether its her singing chops, her acting chops (Academy Awards nominee, holla!), her comedic chops, her tweeting chops (did you see her live tweets of Peter Pan Live ? If you haven't, go read them now; they are an absolute treasure), or even just her being-an-awesome-person chops — suffice it to say, she's definitely more than a triple threat, and she might actually be an alien sent to earth to become our overlord.

Anyway, her style's not quite as much of a slam dunk as, say, her personality, but she still pulls off a truly great outfit every once in a while... which brings us to the topic du jour — the literally fox-y Dolce & Gabbana sweater dress she wore earlier this week. I mean, it's everything perfect: It's seasonal, it's quirk-meister adorkable (like, more so that Zooey Deschanel — and I mean that in a good way, no shade), it's on-theme with Into the Woods fairy tale-iness — and it's just plain cool. I mean, take a look at this masterpiece of an outfit:

Adorable, right? So, as we've established that we all want to be Anna Kendrick, here are a few ways to steal her enviable style.

1. J. Crew Intarsia Fox Sweater

Um, too cute for words.

Intarsia Fox Sweater, $44, J. Crew Factory

2. Sequin Owl Sweater


Sequin Owl Sweater, $80, Topshop

3. Penguin Intarsia Cashmere Sweater

This one's a little pricy, but it's just so gosh-darned cute that it has me reaching for my credit card anyway.

Penguin Intarsia Sweater, $148.80, Bloomingdale's

4. Sweater with Sequins

The perfect blend of cute and cool (and cheap).

Sweater with Sequins, $34.95, H&M

OK, we've got our options — now let's all move forward on our collective mission to become Anna!

Images: Getty Images; Twitter