She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. Kris Jenner attended Rihanna's Diamond Ball with Kim Kardashian, and her outfit has me wondering two things. 1) Just, like, what? and 2) Is she ever going to stop trying to be her daughter? No? That's what I feared.

While Kim looked strange enough herself in a Balenciaga mesh dress, like some kind of fish trapped in a net, the monstrosity was completely overshadowed and was, for her sake, forgettable next to her mom's hot mess. The momager opted for black separates, with skinny trousers and a too-tight blazer with silver buttons, and way too much cleavage busting through her lace top. I mean, besides the ensemble being a bit too young for her, she looked like some kind of gothic ringleader, and that's a circus I wouldn't want to attend.

Jenner wore patent t-strap heels, and was made-up with a smokey eye and bright red lipstick, which somehow added to the overall freakiness of the look. Kris, you're 59, you're a mother of six, it's time to button up and dress your age, because walking around town looking like a wanna-be version of your daughter has been satirized for a reason.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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