Cynthia Rowley Got the Best Cast Signature

If you ever had a cast growing up, you remember how important it was to get signatures. Not just any signatures, of course. You wanted ones from the coolest people you knew. That idea still seems to be true as you grow older, even for 56-year-old Cynthia Rowley. And boy, did she get the coolest signature ever. According to her Instagram, Cynthia Rowley got President Obama to sign her cast. Like I said, best. Signature. EVER.

It all happened when Rowley nabbed one of the hardest invites to get — a ticket to the White House holiday party. Dressed in an adorable black shift dress with gold leaf detailing, Rowley looked as stylish as anyone with a cast and polka dot-printed sling could be. Rowley shared two photos from the evening; the first, a photo of her cast and POTUS' penmanship, saying, "Obama cares... He signed my cast last night! #WHHolidays." The next photo showed Rowley standing inside the White House, proudly showing off her ensemble and cast. The caption read: "Slinging it but definitely not slumming it.” Couldn't have said it better, Cindy!

I'm not entirely sure how Rowley ended up with a cast, but I hope she has a speedy recovery. And also: don't forget to save that cast!