The Charts That Sum Up Your Hangover

Waking up hungover is the worst — suddenly your epic night of adventuring through the land of drunkenness seems tainted, tarnished, by the sick feeling in your stomach and the pounding in your head. Still, it's a universal experience, one that The Bold Italic captured perfectly in their new hangover charts. Because even hangovers can benefit from looking a little more scientific. Science makes everything better.

From the time we experience our first hangover, the unfortunate feeling becomes a part of our lives, there to greet us all throughout college and beyond, after holiday office parties, weddings, and just your average weekend evening of fun. And of course, everyone has their own theory about the best way to cure a hangover, from foods to avoid to "just take Berocca." Unfortunately, the only sure fire way thing that will make a hangover go away is time — though drinking lots of water is universally understood to be good too.

So if you're nursing a hangover, grab a drink — not the kind from last night — and maybe see if you can relate to any of these charts. Because hey, you're not the first person to go through this and you won't be the last.

You can check out more at The Bold Italic here.

Images: Courtesy of The Bold Italic