19 Wine Gifts That Are Way More Creative Than Just Giving Someone Another Bottle of Vino

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Finding good gifts for wine lovers isn't exactly hard — all you really have to do is pop into your local wine shop and pick up whatever speaks to you first. But while bringing a bottle of wine as a present is simple, it's kind of like toting along a gift card you picked up on the way to a birthday party. It's nice, but you aren't going to get any "wows" giving it to someone. We've already compiled a beer gift guide, so we figured it was about time we got around to folks who love their wine.

These great wine gifts are perfect for any type of wine drinker. Whether you prefer white or red, moscato or pinot noir, this list won't judge you. Instead, take a look at the various ideas it has to offer, from fancy bottle stoppers to coasters to a fun trivia game everyone will want to play. It sure beats bringing a bottle of wine (though if you want to bring one of those too, it probably couldn't hurt).

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