Santa Claus Now Wears Alexander Wang

This week I visited Macy's on 34th Street to try and snag a picture with Santa. Yes, I am still a believer in the jolly old man, who one Christmas left me with a bike, a slew of CDs and a Sony Walkman, and another year left me with countless gift cards to gas stations because Santa knows about my struggle. So, as I took escalator after escalator to the 8th floor, I expected to see Santa in all his cheerful glee, but instead, I was met with a digital timer that read "Wait Time to See Santa ... 01:30"--and that is not one minute and 30 seconds. I didn't need to see him that much, so I decided I would just write him a list of things I needed like all the years before. However, if Santa was dressed in Alexander Wang or Hood By Air, I certainly would have waited in that line.

Design studio, Joint London, has turned Santa from jolly old man to hip and stylish gentlemen in its new "designerxsanta" illustrations. The classic Coca-Cola Santa that we're all too fond of has been revamped to feature him in looks by Alexander Wang, Rick Owens, Hood by Air, Acne Studios, Kenzo, Marni, Martin Margiela, Raf Simons and Saint Laurent. Instead of his white fur-trimmed hat, Santa opts for a leather baseball cap and switches out his coat for a red crew neck sweater. The style transformation was much needed because let's admit it: his red ensemble was getting a bit too predictable.

Now that Mr. Claus has gone ready-to-wear is there a transformation coming for Mrs. Claus, too? A Valentino floor-length gown or opting for a Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2015 floral crown instead of her usual bonnet would put her right on par with her new, improved and stylish Santa Claus. As we wait for Mrs. Claus' transformation, you can spread the word about Santa's new swag. Joint Studio has turned its illustrations into ready-to-print Christmas cards, making it plausible for you to tell your friends that they should expect Kenzo or Margiela in the mail this holiday season.