11 Hanukkah Desserts That Are Giving Us Plenty To Celebrate Just In Time for the Festival of Lights

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Let's be honest — Hanukkah desserts aren't really a "thing" the way Christmas desserts are. When you think Hanukkah, "delicious treats" and "sweet things" usually don't come to mind right away. And gelt, unfortunately, doesn't really count, especially since it tastes like chocolate-flavored plastic. Jewish food is pretty amazing (if I do say so myself), but it is kind of lacking in the dessert department sometimes. While I've been to a few Jewish delis with incredible dessert selections, a Jewish dinner is never really known for its epic selection of homemade sweets.

But that's about to change. Here's a selection of super tasty, innovative desserts you can serve after Hanukkah dinner, and don't worry, there isn't a Star of David-shaped sugar cookie in sight.

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