This Apple Commercial Will Give You All the Feels

Just in case you haven't wept enough during your annual viewings of Love Actually or cry-laughed at terrible pictures of unsuspecting babies on Santa's lap for the first time this holiday season, there is a brand new way to leak out your tear ducts, and it comes by way of this very emotional holiday-themed Apple commercial. You might not think there would be a way to tie in product placement for iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and pretty much every piece of Apple tech that got put out this year in a minute and a half and still make a person want to cry, but by George, they've done it again.

The brilliance of this ad is attributed to the fact that none of the product placement feels forced, but rather comes across as effortlessly integral to the story that the ad tells. It features a 20-something woman who has discovered a voice-o-graph recording from 1952 of her grandmother singing to her grandfather while he was away during the holidays (the commercial makes it subtly clear that the grandfather is deceased in the present day). The song is "Our Love Is Here To Stay," and the rest of the commercial follows the granddaughter as she carefully converts the song to her computer, listens to it over and over on her iPod, and learns how to play it on the guitar the piano so she can sing along with a track that her grandmother recorded over sixty years ago.

I won't tell you about the grandmother's reaction to the duet, first off because I can't afford to break into tears again, and second off because you should experience the feels for yourself. It is clear that Apple has struck the iconic level on ads yet again. (We only just managed to get the song "Gigantic" out of our heads from the last one.) Hopefully, we get this beautiful cross-generational version of "Our Love Is Here To Stay" on mental repeat next:

Image: YouTube