All the Places to Get Energy in Kim's Game

One of the biggest struggles in my life right now is how to get more energy in Kim Kardashian's iPhone game. I mean, obviously I could buy it, but it is possible to play this game for free. (Kim's already robbed me of my sleep since I'm addicted to this game, I refuse to be one of the people making her $200 million.) So the best free way to stock up on energy, money, and points is by tapping the game's fire hydrants, pigeons, beer bottles and more. (Don't forget to individually tap each item for double the reward!)

For what it's worth, in building this list I discovered four new spots to reap energy, so even seasoned addicts like me can still learn things. Oh, and because I want you all to succeed, here's my A-list strategy: Stick around the California area when trying to collect because there are a lot of things to click on and it's relatively cheap to travel around. Avoid New York and Punta Mita because it's pricey to go there and there are few objects that reward you.

And since you're all busy people, here's a cheat sheet to all the places in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood where you can get free energy, money, and points. Once you know exactly which objects to click and don't have to spend your time tapping every single thing, you'll be able to zip through all the locations and make it back to your photo shoot with a restocked energy bar. Good luck!


  1. The pigeon next to duLUXE apartments.
  2. The cat in that apartment if you adopted it. (It's kind of a waste of 20 K stars though, since it only dispenses energy every few hours instead of recharging every few minutes like the rest of the objects.)
  3. The newspaper stand next to the apartments.
  4. The bicycle rack outside So Chic.


  1. The fire hydrant next to Metropolitan Magazine.
  2. The coffee sign outside Panino.
  3. The wine bottle on the table in Panino.
  4. The tree in front of Kim's mansion.


  1. The dog inside the Luna Condos. (Again, only if you spent the stars to buy it.)
  2. The tree next to Luna Condos.
  3. The "Now Open" sign outside The Brew Palms.
  4. The first beer bottle on the table in The Brew Palms.
  5. The fire hydrant next to Miramount Pictures.


  1. The hanging plants to the left of the bus stop.
  2. The mannequin in the Kardash store wearing the white top.
  3. The potted plant outside of Kardash.
  4. The hanging plants to the right of the mansion.
  5. The pet inside the mansion. (I don't have nearly enough to ever buy the mansion, let alone the pet that comes with it. But more power to you if you do.)


  1. The suitcase outside the airport.
  2. The newspaper stand next to the airport.
  3. The pigeon next to the West Inn Apartments.
  4. The suitcase inside the airport.


  1. The seagull outside Lif.
  2. The short brown bottle on the table to the far right inside Lif.
  3. The moped next to Lif.
  4. The mannequin in Kardash.
  5. The fire hydrant next to Kardash.
  6. The dog in the Miami beach house. (If you bought one.)


  1. The newspaper stand to the right of the bus sign.
  2. The digital ad board next to Chateau Nuit.
  3. The short brown bottle on the bar in Chateau Nuit.
  4. The bottle of wine on the hostess stand in the Miraggio Grande.
  5. The fire hydrant next to GLAMM magazine.


  1. The suitcase. (What a waste of the $35 it takes to fly here.)


  1. The pigeon to the left of the bus station.
  2. The fire hydrant in front of Gates Towers.
  3. The newspaper stand in front of Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts.


  1. The mannequin inside Kardash.
  2. The skateboard outside Oak.
  3. The beer bottle on the table behind the hostess in Oak.
  4. The fire hydrant to the right of Muse Magazine.


  1. The seagull to the left of your avatar.
  2. The table with drinks on it next to your avatar.


  1. The tree next to the Hotel Utopie.
  2. The white motorcycle.
  3. The tree outside of Femme.


  1. The pigeon to the left of the Britannia Ballroom.
  2. The phone booth to the right of Club Tulip.
  3. The cricket set to the right of the phone booth.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (14)