What's with Harrison Wells' 'Flash' Bling?

We knew all along that we would get some strange and twisted HUGE third act revelation at the end of The Flash 's mid-season finale, "The Man in the Yellow Suit." And for weeks, many of us (myself included) speculated that Harrison Wells would turn out to be some one way more important than simply Barry Allen's all knowing, semi-all powerful friend. Cue the all-out brawl between Barry and the "yellow streak of lighting." Then, cue that last second twist we've been waiting for all season. Wells has that same yellow Reverse-Flash costume tucked away in his secret lair, accessible by a strange ring that resembles the Flash uniform's logo. It's mysterious and awesome at the same time. So, Harrison Wells, what exactly is the deal with that ring?

First up, that ring is actually part of the greater Flash lore. See, in the DC comics, Barry actually has his Flash suit compressed down into a little ring — one that also bears the same Flash emblem that Wells has on his. All Barry needs to do is pop the ring open, and then he can change into his super suit in a flash (sorry for that pun). On the show, every time we see him change into his red suit, he rushes back to S.T.A.R. Labs for it. But, can you imagine how much better it would be if he had it with him all the time?During the course of the '90s Flash series, though, that idea of a "costume in a ring" was deemed "unrealistic," because everything else about the '90s made perfect sense.

What does this all mean, considering that Wells has this same type of ring? Well, for starters, it could simply be an Easter egg-type thing for diehard comic fans who will immediately recognize the ring as being ripped from the comics. It could just be a really cool Flash ring that Wells holds near and dear to his heart. I mean, he does have some strange fascination with Barry. The ring could be that fascination manifested in a little trinket, that also doubles as the key to the secret vault in his secret wall. It could honestly be nothing more than a cool ring, and seemingly meaningless otherwise.

OR, this could be another sign to add to the long list of things that suggest Wells is in fact Reverse-Flash. I mean, the ring opens up a secret compartment holding the yellow suit of Reverse-Flash (at which point Wells does that crazy, haunting Reverse-Flash voice). We don't yet know how Wells came to posses the ring, and maybe it has a huge complicated backstory. Thanks to TVLine, we know that the second half of this season of The Flash will deal with a little bit of time travel, and obviously considering everything else about Wells, the best case scenario is that this ring also came from the future. Suddenly, I'm really excited for the back-end of Season 1.

The ring's significance to The Flash still remains to be seen. It might just be a ring, or it could be so so much more.

Images: Katie Yu/The CW; authorityalwayswins, theflashgifs/Tumblr