Do These Dior Eyeliner Strips Look as Cool IRL?

So apparently when the holiday season rolls around, women spend ridiculous amounts of time getting ready for parties. While it may or may not be true that women spend upward of five hours bathing and grooming, many women do spend more time than they normally would when preparing for these wintery festivities, and brands know it. Dior Mirror Eyes Eyeliner Patches are just one of the many special products beauty companies have rolled out to make the holiday season even brighter. What with matte red lips, perfect curls, and bringing glitter back like it's the year 2000, holiday makeup can get complicated (and messy) quickly. But maybe you'd rather be spending time before a holiday party by baking some festive treats. Or taking a nap. Or doing a heat dance (like a rain dance, but to make the summer come more quickly).

So if you're all about that red lip but don't want to spend extra time perfecting an eye look to go with it, Dior's got you covered (if you have more than a few extra bucks lying around, that is). Dior Mirror Eyes Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches ($61) are a limited-edition set of eyeliner patches that allow you to apply-and-go for "the classic look of an eyeliner with a futuristic twist." No finicky liquid liner required; no messy glitter needed. The set comes with two sets each of silver, metallic patches and black, reflective patches. There is also a small tube of adhesive that you can apply to the strips (much like false lashes) in order to use them multiple times.

Although I appreciate the reusability, my biggest qualm with these is that they need to be used on their own. To get the longest wear out of the product (and let's be honest, with the price tag, you'll most likely want to), they are supposed to be applied to clean, dry lids. That means no other eye makeup. So even though they're quick-and-easy to use and look pretty cool with a bold lip, the versatility isn't really there. But let's see how they performed.

I found the black pair to be extremely flexible, and was able to adhere them snugly to my lash-line. I did not have to apply any extra adhesive my first day wearing these, and they still didn't budge until I removed them at the end of the day. If you're familiar with how it feels to wear false lashes, this is very much the same in that it's rather noticeable directly after application, but after a short while, you forget they're there.

The silver pair, on the other hand, I found too stiff to wear on my upper lid. I decided to have fun with them instead and applied them to my lower lash-line. (I think they would also look pretty cute underneath/around the brow if you're into that bedazzled eyebrow trend.) Also unlike the black pair, I did have to apply extra adhesive before wearing them. Although I found this pair difficult to use in the intended fashion, I do appreciate the holiday vibe the metallic silver gives.

The final verdict? Although these liners are on the luxurious end of the spectrum, they do save time during holiday-party preparation while adding just the right amount of shine. So you can bake your cookies and have perfect eyeliner, too (that's how that saying goes, right?).

Images: Dior (1); Miki Hayes (3)