21 Coffee Mugs That Make Your Early Morning Cup of Joe So Much Better

Sliding your hands around a hot mug of your favorite coffee or tea can almost be as comforting as slipping back under your still-warm sheets on an early morning. For a lot of people, the first interaction they have in their day is with their morning joe. Joe won't judge your morning breath, messy hair, and glazed over eyes. Joe cares. Joe wants to help. Sometimes you just want to marry Joe. (Just to be clear, we are still talking about coffee, guys.)

We can help you make that cup of liquid satisfaction even more satisfying with these 21 mugs. From mermaids and narwhals to Gilmore Girls and Beyoncé, we've got you covered.

by Emily Maas

Break the Internet Mug

Start off your day right and break the Internet like Kim Kardashian with the help of this mug.

Break the Internet Mug, $10, Urban Outfitters

Say the Word Crossword Mug

This mug will help you complete the Sunday crossword! Well, the caffeine in it will at least.

Say the Word Crossword Mug, $20, Kate Spade

She Drinks More Coffee Than a Gilmore Mug

Now that’s a lot of coffee. If this doesn’t tickle the Gilmore Girls addict in you, maybe this Luke’s Diner mug will.

She Drinks More Coffee Than a Gilmore Mug, $17, Etsy

Let's All Go and Have Breakfast Mug

This mug will go hand in hand with a full breakfast.

Let’s All Go and Have Breakfast Mug, $15, Society6

Selfie Mug

Forget the #haters and take a brave morning mirror selfie. You know you want to.

Selfie Mug, $16, Etsy

Choose Joy Mug

A nice reminder on a quiet morning. This mug is almost Christmas-y, while also being great for year-round use as well.

Choose Joy Mug, $18, Etsy

Ermahgerd, Kerfer! Mug

Some mornings, this is just exactly how it feels.

Ermahgerd, Kerfer! Mug, $15, Society6

Mermaid Mug

Too busy to bother with land folk? This mug ought to clear things up.

Mermaid Mug, $15, Society6

Be a Goal Digger Mug

Inspiring, with a side of early Kanye West hits. Don’t be a gold digger when you can be a goal digger.

Be a Goal Digger Mug, $16, Etsy

The Sound of Silence Mug

Just what you want to hear in the morning: Nothing. Nothing at all.

The Sound of Silence Mug, $15, Society6

Beyoncé Is My Spirit Animal Mug

I can’t think of anyone who would be better to channel on a Monday morning than Queen Bey.

Beyoncé Is My Spirit Animal Mug, $13, Etsy

Cat Mugs

These adorable kitty mugs will be sure to spark a smile during an afternoon pick-me-up.

Cat Mug, $22, Etsy

Tina Belcher Mug

There’s a little bit of Tina Belcher in all of us. I know I’ve made her signature “Uhhhhh” on especially bad mornings pre-coffee.

Tina Belcher Mug, $20, Etsy

Dali Llama Mug

For the art history major with a sense of humor. Also, that splash of yellow makes for a very spiffy mug.

Dali Llama Mug, $12, UrbanOutfitters

Enjoy the Little Things Mug

Appreciate that first sip of coffee, the bit of sunlight coming through your blinds, and more with this mug’s motto.

Enjoy the Little Things Mug, $16, Etsy

Self-Rescuing Princess Mug

A reminder that you can save yourself from that hangover! Among other things.

Self-Rescuing Princess Mug, $10, Think Geek

I Woke Up Like This Mug

The smuggest mug to ever hit your cabinet. But hey, when you wake up looking good, why not make sure everyone knows it?

I Woke Up Like This Mug, $10, Urban Outfitters

I Don't Start Working Until My Coffee Does Mug

Amen, sister!

I Don’t Start Working Until My Coffee Does Mug, $16, Etsy

Narwhal Mug

How cute are these narwhals? If this doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

Narwhal Mug, $17, Etsy

A Yawn Is a Silent Scream For Coffee Mug

For those early mornings when speaking isn’t quite fathomable yet. This mug will speak for you and your yawning self.

A Yawn Is a Silent Scream For Coffee Mug, $16, Etsy

She Believed She Could Mug

And, last but not least, an inspiring and pretty mug to keep the workflow going. Forget about motivational calendars — a good motivational mug can help you take over the world.

She Believed She Could Mug, $12, Etsy