Jennifer Aniston's Brother is Very Annoyed With Us

If you need to know what a "crust punk" is, look no further than this tattooed young man — he's Jennifer Aniston's half-brother Alex "AJ" Aniston, and boy is he not pleased with the ramifications of being related to a tabloid staple.

Son to Aniston's father John Aniston and his second wife Sherry Rooney, the 24 year-old was tracked down at Burning Man (because where else would he be?) by a Daily Mail reporter. Asked to comment on his famous big sister, the younger Aniston responded with a simple "Never."

The Daily Mail's Hugo Daniel has more on AJ, including that he likes to make his own bikes and is into things like animal skulls.

It's not like the younger Aniston's spent his life hidden away from the world; he's attended public appearances with his family and been photographed with them before. But press interest in the young man peaked last year when it came out that he was growing to enjoy "a wild punk lifestyle and often slept on a mattress in the back of his black van as he travelled by road between Los Angeles and Alaska."

And so find him the press did, and he was none to pleased.

It’s been happening since middle school (people asking about Jennifer). It’s been a pain in my ass for years. No comment.

Big sister Aniston's relationship with her little brother is not clear, but we imagine she's at least grateful AJ's not likely to add to the tabloid fodder about her life — at least not willingly. Madonna's brother has not been so kind.

If you're curious, the tattoo on his torso reads "Live Free," and the one directly above his grown says "Down to Cuddle." This guy sounds so awesome.