Did You Ask Google This Question in 2014?

Mankind has done some impressive shit during its time on this planet. We've put a man on the moon. We've created the iPhone. But we still can't seem to figure out how to tie a damn scarf. According to Racked, Google's most searched fashion question of 2014 was "How to wear a scarf?" Um, you guys know it isn't that complicated, right?

I get it — there are lots of ways to style scarves. The sheer volume of options can be super overwhelming. Here at Bustle, we've devoted several articles to the task this year: 21 New Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf, 6 Ways to Tie a Scarf, Your Ultimate Fall Fashion Accessory, How to Tie a Headscarf: 5 Different Styles That Take Less Than a Minute to Do... You get the idea. No one has any idea how to wear scarves, even though they've been around for a bazillion years and are both infinitely stylish and tremendously practical. But at the base level, you can simply drape them around your neck and go. Scarves are only difficult if you want them to be.

The fact that is the most googled fashion inquiry of 2014 is a little bit alarming. Sure, I'm always super impressed by people (read: bloggers) who tie their scarves in intricate ways like it's NBD, and I might occasionally google tutorials that help me get the look. But "How to wear a scarf?" You've got this, America.

Timur Emek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As for the other questions in the top five, well, they are totally predictable. People frequently hit the interwebs to ask what to wear to weddings, interviews, first dates, and concerts. Something tells me these time-honored queries appear on the search engine frequently from year to year.

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