Even Dita von Teese Was An Awkward Child

BREAKING: Smokin' Hot Celebrity Was Once an Awkward Little Kid! Okay, so maybe that isn't breaking news, but it's definitely still fun to talk about. Dita von Teese posted a throwback Instagram on Monday in which she wears a super frumpy dress and I can't get over how adorable she looks.

The burlesque artist, who we're used to seeing in drop-dead gorgeous matching lingerie sets, posted a photo of herself and her sister wearing identical brown gingham dresses and white pinafores while posing in front of a Christmas tree. She captioned the image, "I found this holiday pic of me and my sister @jenavonteese. We always had matching dresses on holidays. I think my mother made these." Awwwww.

Von Teese is virtually unrecognizable in the picture, mostly because it's impossible to imagine her ever going through an awkward phase. I always just assumed she popped out of the womb wearing La Perla. This is the woman who wears "a swipe of red lipstick" to Pilates class, so forgive me for being taken aback by the sight of her with a bowl cut and a Peter Pan collar. Who would've thought this little angel would grow up to marry Marilyn Manson?

For the record, this is von Teese nowadays:

Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

No, YOU'RE drooling at the sight of another woman looking badass in lingerie. Not. Even. Fair.

Looks like Dita has officially put her gingham-adorned past behind her.

Image: Getty Images