12 Hanukkah Cocktails That Are Blue, Silver, And All Kinds Of Delicious

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Welcome to the best time of the year, folks. Since Hanukkah has officially begun and we’re all in the mood to celebrate, let’s take a break between menorah lighting and gift giving and sip on some holiday cocktails, eh? Not that this glorious seven-day event isn’t fun sober. I mean, the latkes alone are enough to make us squeal with glee. Even those who don’t celebrate Hanukkah can certainly get behind any annual holiday where fried potato pancakes are an edible staple. But in this time of faith and prayer, let’s get real and admit that themed cocktails are awesome, fun to look at, and even more fun to consume.

The following cocktails are blue and silver, to honor the classic Hanukkah colors. OK, fine. The colors are more blueish and silverish, but there’s alcohol in them so let’s all calm down and drink up. Sound good? They are also evenly balanced between shaken, stirred, and blended recipes to meet everyone’s personal adult beverage taste. Garnishes are optional, and if you want to add a sparkly finish to any of them, just add sugar or chunky sea salt around the rim of the glass to look more like a wintry treat. Happy Hanukkah and cheers to all!

Image: Jelly Toast

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