Blake's Baby Is Going to Eat Some Good Food

Serena van der Woodsen's taking motherhood preparation to a whole new level. Now, I don't know if that's why Blake Lively learned how to cook from Top Chef winner Hung Huynh, but it's safe to say her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds is going to eat really well. The Age of Adaline actress recently shared a photo via Instagram of herself cooking with the esteemed chef, all while sporting an apron covering her adorable baby bump. The photo caption reads,

Nothing better (or tastier) than an evening spent with friends who share your passion. What you don't see is the epic foodie dice challenge which took place afterward! Such a great night @chefhunghuynh. Thank you! And thank you to the Preserve artisans who supplied our beautiful tools! Who can spot them? (Hint: 4 visible).

Those are some lucky friends. Who else wants to take a cooking lesson and eat some delicious food with Lively? Yeah, me too. Also, that "epic foodie dice challenge" sounds pretty spectacular, so if anyone has video footage, I'd like to see it, stat.

There's no doubt that Lively and Reynolds are going to make great parents, so the fact that Lively is stepping up her cooking game is fantastic. Seriously, their child is probably going to be super cute and chubby, and I can't take it. Anytime you want to cook for me or have me babysit, Blake, just let me know.