R+Co Has Some Fabulous Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

Looking for some unique and creative holiday hairstyle ideas that won't take you an eternity? Yeah, me too. It always seems like I spend about two hours getting ready for parties I'll make an hour-long appearance at. Simple math tells me it's not worth it. But then again, I'd rather not show up with my hair bearing any similarities to the Abominable Snowman.

The struggle is real when it comes to beauty this time of year, people. Between dinner parties, cocktail gatherings, and office celebrations, it can feel like you're running around without actually getting to enjoy the holidays — and that's not even considering the gift wrapping, baking, holiday card writing, and other yuletide obligations you have.

Enter R+Co. A collective of innovative hairstylists that aims to make doing hair fun, fresh, and healthy, they've got some great tips for bringing a hairstyle from the office to a festive cocktail party, getting away with not washing your hair for a few days during holiday craziness, and giving your locks a little sparkle (literally.) And the products are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and petrolatum, too, so no need to worry about doing even more damage to your hair during peak party season.

Here are three styles from their innovative founders that I'm dying to try:

Day-to-Night Braid

"My go-to technique for easily transitioning from office to party features a braid by day and waves at night. A wide braid using large sections of hair will give you looser waves, while a couple of tight braids will create more defined waves," says stylist Howard McLaren.

The morning of the event, "Dampen the hair with One Prep Spray, then comb Chiffon Styling Mousse or Jackpot Styling Crème through the hair and braid," he says. "If you want a matte finish, switch to Rockaway Salt Spray or Mannequin Styling Paste on second-day hair before braiding."

When you're ready to go out, undo the braid and comb through it with your fingers, adding a little bit of volume at the roots with Death Valley Dry Shampoo and polishing with Tinsel Smoothing Oil.

Waves not turning out the way you want them to? That texture you've created won't go to waste. "Pull hair into a bun, use the palms of your hands to smooth the sides for a “hairlo” effect, pull out a few pieces to make it look stylishly messy," McLaren says.

Sparkling Strands

I knew that giant tub of gold glitter I bought for a Pinterest craft two years ago would come in handy someday. "For shorter hair lengths, get into the holiday spirit by mixing in some craft store glitter with your Continental Glossing Wax," says Thom Priano. "It will give your hair a little sparkle when you comb it through."

My hair may be medium length, but I am definitely trying this one out — goodbye, dull winter locks, hello, celebration-worthy blonde hair.

It-Only-Looks-Clean Updo

Now this one I am all about. Because showering every day during the holiday season? Who even has time for that? Stylist Garren suggests, "Give second or third-day hair new life with Death Valley Dry Shampoo. Spray it through the hair and blow-dry with the cool air setting to achieve lots of volume. Then pull hair into a messy French twist. Rake through the top of the hair with your fingers for more separation, and then lightly use your hands to add Tinsel Smoothing Oil for some holiday shine."

OK, confession, I don't know how to do a French twist, but if you do, I applaud you. I'll be putting my own spin on it by creating a voluminous bun or chignon instead.

Images: Courtesy of R+Co