Blue Ivy's Hair Is Beyond Adorbs in New Pic

Blue Ivy's hair is often and unnecessarily discussed. From the petition that was launched begging Beyonce to brush her daughter's hair, since people have nothing better to do, to the Twitter accounts dedicated to her coif to Karrueche Tran's insensitive comments, Blue Ivy's strands have been far too dissected. Now that her proud mama Beyonce shared a new photo of Blue Ivy's curly and stylish hair and it's normal little girl locks so can everyone just shut up about it already? Thanks.

When Beyonce is your mom, you can pretty much expect to have the cutest wardrobe and hip hair. While Kim Kardashian dresses North West in leather, which is honestly a bit ridiculous for a 1-year-old, Bey instead opts for fun, girly, age-appropriate, and totally normal fashions and hairstyles for Blue.

This pic shows Blue as a happy, healthy tot with a gorgeous head of textured curls that she will be able to do so much with as she gets older and grows up. Basically, she is a mini-Bey.

If this photo doesn't inspire the critics and haters to let it go, I am not sure what else will. That said, you keep doing and being you, Blue!

See the cutest Blue Ivy pic below. You can also see tons of Blue Ivy photos, courtesy of Beyonce's personal site, since she is happy to share her beautiful life with fans.

Image: ET/ Twitter (1)