Why Trying Sage Nail Polish Was So Important to Me

This week I decided to do something wild and choose a nail color that I would never usually go for (sounds exciting, right?). My nails have a habit of looking rather terrible most of the time. The chips appear shortly after they're painted (we're talking milliseconds, here) and because it takes me quite some effort to get them painted in the first place, I am always reluctant to take it off! The end result: I have permanently chipped nail polish most of the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of putting the goop on in the first place. I am in awe of people who manage to paint stripes, spots, dots and all kinds of impressive details on their nails! Don't get me started on people who paint their nails on the subway. Speechless.

In the midst of these talented polishers and just when I thought there was no hope for my nails, a wonderful thing happened in my life. One of my BFFs opened her own beauty salon and suddenly it didn't seem like such a scary task anymore! Every now and again I head off to Joke (my friend!) at io Beauty Institute (the salon without whale noises) and she sorts me out with a Shellac nail job that lasts the best part of three weeks, even on my clumsy fingers!

The problem is that I'm a creature of habit. Joke giggles when she sees me coming because she knows I will always take the same color. Much in the same way I order pasta pesto at every single restaurant I enter! I am simply crazy about turquoise. I can't get over it. It has become part of my being (is that a little bit dramatic?).

This time, I decided to take a break from my usual turquoise or blue nail do and go for a color that does not exist in any part of my wardrobe. GREY! This may not sound very radical to you, but it's a big deal to a person who does not own anything grey, beige, white or cream. I have very few pastels in general. But I'm of the mindset that it's important to lend yourself to experiences outside of your comfort zone (even when it comes to something as seemingly benign as choosing a polish). And grey was certainly outside mine.

The great thing about Shellac is that it dries instantly, so no waiting around for hours terrified of touching anything! Or in my case, smudging it like an idiot when getting my belongings together, and then trying to ignore the damage for the next week!

Now that I've jumped on the nail art roller coaster, who knows where it may lead. Maybe I'll even try acrylics next (GASP!). Apparently they are not just for tweens anymore! And after all, I love how much fun Lily Allen has with her nails; she is a loud and proud fake nail lady!

"Nail art is a huge part of my life and a vital part of my personal style. I love changing up my nails, sometimes three or four times a day, and I'm so excited to bring out this collection so you can choose your favorite and do the same!” — Lily Allen

I haven't tried fake nails since I was 14, but for those of you wishing to follow in Allen's fabulous footsteps, you can pick up nails designed by the lady herself on Elegant Touch.

But anyway, it turns out that I wasn't being as far-out as I initially thought! What I thought was warm grey was actually a pretty lovely minty color!

The name of polish is Sage Scarf, which just made us think of a scarf made of leaves rather than a particular color. In reality, sage is that color between mint and grey, if you know what I mean. So by deciding to try something new, I have also learned about new color! Two wins, right there.

So my challenge to you for the next time you do your nails is is to try choosing a nail color that you don't think you can "pull off." In fact, do away with the notion of being able to "pull things off" or not altogether. If you always reach for pinks or reds, try a blue or turquoise. Be daring and wild, re-write your personal nail color rules and make tomorrow the first day of your new life as a color experimenter. (I'm being too dramatic again, right?!)

As you can see, my nails turned out super fantastic. I'm delighted with them. The color surprises me and makes me smile every time it catches my eye. And we all need something like that in our day-to-day. We all need to have something to look at that makes us happy — even if it's just our fingers! I now feel like a fancy lady, and everyone around me is gonna hear about it!

Images: Getty; Giphy