Kate Moss Talks In New Stuart Weitzman Commercial

By Candace Bryan

At first glance, the most recent Stuart Weitzman commercial is pretty inane. The two-minute video features Kate Moss walking around town in various pairs of thigh-high boots, "turning the heads" of everyone she sees. A frumpy old lady looks on her disapprovingly, creepy guys leer at her from their cars or cafes, and one retro drag-queen waitress looks at her with a look that says "Get it, girl." None of it is too original, and the Nancy Sinatra only makes it seem even more overdone. When I first saw it, my eyes rolled so hard I got a headache.

But then I realized something: the commercial is genius.

In reality, whenever you wear thigh-high boots, even if you're Kate Moss, not everyone is going to look at you like a piece of meat, and in the year 2013, they're hardly a scandalous statement. But when you go out in sexy boots, it really does affect your mood. You feel sexy, you feel like you're on top of the world, and you feel that all eyes are, or should be, on you.

This Stuart Wetizman commercial perfectly captures that mood. Especially given how ordinary the setting is, the video shows how dramatically boots can alter your attitude.

It's also worth noting, as always, that it's so lovely when the Kate Moss talks.