6 Gorgeous Hat Hairstyles, Because Rocking A Beanie Shouldn't Mess With Your Beauty Routine

In case you haven't had the pleasure of venturing outside in the past month, let me be the first to tell you that it's officially hat weather. The distinct chill in the air and glacial gusts of wind are harbingers of winter, and on the East Coast you'd be foolish not to venture out with hat in hand, at the very least. Unfortunately, chapeaus are not often beneficial to carefully coiffed locks, so this winter lose the flat iron and try some different hat hairstyles on for size. If your selected style is innately unfussy, a few loose strands or flyways will simply make your mane more artistic, and no one knows this fact better than the celebrities of Instagram.

For chic hairstyles that are also hat-appropriate, I looked to some of Instagram's style stars, from Mindy Kaling to Lauren Conrad. And to my delight, each social media pro offered styles that are as sophisticated as they are low-maintenance. Easy rumpled curls, beachside waves, and braids were all in the mix, so get ready shave a few crucial minutes off of your styling time this December. Here are five lovely Instagram-inspired hat-proof winter hairstyles to add to your rotation.

1. Beachy Waves

Beachy curls may seem like the opposite of glacial weather and woolen toppers, but in fact they mesh perfectly with hats of all sorts. Because beachy waves evoke the salty, wind-tossed look of post-surf locks, a hat won't make a dent, literal or figurative, in the style.

2. Tousled Curls

The key word here is "tousled," a term about which Gisele knows a thing or two. If your goal is a '40s-inspired, side parted barrel curl so glossy it could double as a mirror, don't throw a hat on top. However, lightly shaken, windblown curls will stand up to a hat like nobody's business, as long as you take a moment to fluff out your hair post-chapeau.

3. A Low Bun

Look for styles that sit at the nape of your neck so as not to interfere with your headgear, like Allison Williams' low bun. A fedora or knit beanie shouldn't disturb the style, and a few strands loose will simply add allure to the look.

4. Stylized Bedhead

Bedhead like Megan Fox's simply demands a thick, woolen beanie, and considering the look is a 2014 staple, all the better to pair it with a cap. However, bedhead can easily slip into slothful territory, so spritz on some dry shampoo to make sure your locks are still lifelike and without any telltale oil before venturing outside.

5. A Low Side Braid

What could be more enchanting peeking out from beneath a cozy knit hat than a low side braid? Style wet hair with volumizing mousse for increased body. Mindy Kaling works the cap-happy look with a work-ready ensemble.

6. Pigtail Braids

They may be a bit iffy if you work in a formal atmosphere, but for an off-duty look a pair of pigtail braids is your perfect hat pairing for winter 2014. Lauren Conrad pairs hers with a straw hat and inflatable pony, but the latter is really just a suggestion.

Images: Kaponia Aliaksei/Fotolia