Watch 8 Seasons of 'Dexter' in 4 Minutes

I hope your DVR is in tip-top shape because damn, Sunday night is going to be busy — we've got Breaking Bad, the Emmys, and the series finale of Showtime's Dexter, starring Michael C. Hall. You may want to give that black recording box the same pep talk you did before Soapnet aired that 90210 marathon; you can't afford to miss anything.

But your happiness with the amazing TV night that is Sept. 22 doesn't fall squarely on the shoulders of your DVR. You have a stake in this, too... and so do we.

We've prepped you plenty for Breaking Bad and the Emmys, so it's time now you get a little Dexter love, too. It's the series finale, after all. Come Monday, Michael C. Hall and his serial-killing ways will no longer be a part of our lives. The blood spattering, the secrets, the lies, the figurative and literal knives to the heart... all will be but a distant memory. And yeah, I'll say it: I'm going to miss those fuckers.

Season 8 has been a doozy (and I'm not just talking about the heart palpations caused by the Time Warner/CBS blackout), as has the entire series. From Dexter's creepy monotone voice to Deb's confusing hairline, we've fallen in love with these characters' idiosyncrasies and cold-blood killing habits over the last seven years, and it's going to be tough to say buh-bye to our favorite fucked-up Miami police department.

So, to get you prepared for the series finale, here's a handy-dandy little video that recaps the entire eight seasons. In four minutes, you'll relive the kills, the drama, and the heart of the show.

Watch it, then go wipe down your DVR with a Swiffer dust rag and give the old girl a pat on the back: she's got a big weekend ahed of her.