Bustle Readers Share What They Wish Someone Had Told Them Beforehand About Losing Their Virginity


Most of us go into the experience of losing our virginity with high hopes. We base these hopes on movies, what our friends tell us about their first times, and what we’ve always imagined. You know, that candlelit room, your favorite song on in the background, your bodies writhing against red velvet sheets, and then the earth-shattering orgasm that will surely follow. Yes, that’s how we think it’s going to be.

When it comes to sex, people leave out a lot of details that actually might come in handy during your first time. While everyone tends to be vocal about practicing safe sex — as they should — they usually don’t cover the other stuff, the less than charming parts of it that you sure as hell would never see in a movie. No one gives you the rundown about smells, sounds, sights — or even the risk you run of getting a leg cramp mid-sex.

Bustle asked a few readers their memories on losing their virginity, and what, if anything, were the things they experienced during their first time that they wish someone had warned them about. Here’s what they said they wish they'd known their first time.

1. There Are So. Many. Fluids.

2. If You Have a Vagina, It Can Suck

3. ...And You Probably Won't Have an Orgasm

4. But Sometimes, It Actually Doesn't Hurt At All

5. Nor Is Bleeding a Definite

6. It Might Not Change Anything About How You Feel

7. It Usually Takes Longer Than It Does in the Movies

8. ...But Don't Expect Too Much

9. It Will Be Funny

10. Either Way, You're a Good Person

11. There Will Be Weird Noises

12. Lube Is Your Best Friend

13. You Might Be Underwhelmed

14. There Are Actually More Exciting Things Than Sex

15. Your Gag Reflex Will Need Some Work

16. No One's First Time Is Good

17. You'll Have Doubts

18. It's All About The Second Time

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