Facebook Auto-Enhance Will "Fix" Your Photos For You, Because Doing It Yourself Is So 2014

Just about every smartphone app is out to give you a hand in improving your mobile photography skills. While other apps tried to make picture editing easier for us by offering a variety or ready-made filters, Facebook decided to take the bull by the horns and auto-correct your Facebook photos for you.

Facebook has rolled out some changes to its mobile offerings recently, such as the infamous Messenger app and the bi-weekly updates to the regular Facebook app. While these regular updates don’t usually specifics on exactly what Facebook is changing, the latest update, released this week on the iOS app and coming soon to the Android app, automatically enhances your picture uploads for you. This change is meant to save time when it comes to uploading pictures and offer some more assistance to those of us who don't really understand the difference between contrast and saturation.

From a Facebook spokesperson to Rex Santus at Mashable:

We want to make it easy, and as few taps as possible to make your photo memories beautiful. Before, the auto-enhance option was available, but it was under the menu where you could also choose filters for your photos on Facebook.

Of course, you don’t have to accept Facebook’s auto-corrections to your pictures. Although the edited version is the first image you see when you upload your image, the update comes with a wand that you can click on to remove the changes or slide to adjust the degree of editing.

This update is part of a growing trend of improvements to mobile photography. While Facebook hasn’t yet mentioned filters, other social platforms have also made changes to their filter options.


The app that started it all. But even the popular picture sharing app has to keep up with changing trends. Just earlier this week, Instagram released five new filters in an attempt to cater to more subtle editing options.


Last month, Twitter made changes to its filter interface that made their filter set up look even more like ones on Instagram. The platform has also provided the ability to include two or more pictures in a tweet.


Google was actually the first platform to begin auto-enhancing picture uploads, when it introduced its Auto Enhance feature last year.


Even the popular private picture sharing app decided to allow users to add filters to their impermanent images. The app recently added the ability to layer two filters on top of each other and change the color, size, and location of Special Text.

Hey, we may not all have the hard earned photography skills of seasoned professionals, but by golly these apps are going to help us look like we do if it's the last thing they do.

Image: Facebook (2)