3 Quotes About Eva Mendes' New Line For New York & Co.

By Candace Bryan

Eva Mendes recently launched a line for New York & Company and... it's certainly not the worst celebrity fashion collaboration we've ever seen. Most of the pieces are feminine and vaguely vintage-inspired with lots of pale pink and bows, and with prices ranging from $25 to $160, they're pretty affordable.

Eva herself has quite a bit to say about her first stab at fashion design, but some of her quotes are a little odd — and perhaps a bit questionable. We'll hold our tongue, though, and let you browse the collection yourself to decide if she's being 100 percent genuine in the remarks below.

"I take this very seriously. There isn't a piece in my collection that I won't wear. I can't wait to get feedback from women about what works for them and what doesn't. I hope I don't disappoint them!"
"I'm Cuban! I'll always love an animal print."

"My customer is not a fan of the way tabloids cover celebrity style, 'Who wore it best.' It's disastrous for women's self-esteem. With fashion, there is no right or wrong."

We certainly agree with Eva that tabloids can be deleterious, but for the record, we do think fashion itself can be disastrous for one's image... like wearing this tunic from her line without a belt.