Megyn Kelly + White House Xmas Party = Awkward

The White House's annual Christmas party is probably a lot to take in, which probably explains why guest Megyn Kelly says she acted a fool. The Fox News TV host found herself a proverbial sheep among media wolves, which must have disoriented her because when she encountered the president, Kelly and Obama's exchange was "a little awkward," as she put it. But we're willing to bet that that's not the only awkward exchange that went down. At an event like the White House Christmas party, we're pretty sure plenty of people got turnt.

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the conservative commentator told the host about her experience at the White House party, where she "couldn't take two steps without hitting" an MSNBC anchor. Clearly outnumbered by the liberal media, the frazzled Kelly was wholly unprepared for meeting President Obama.

I had 30 seconds to get in and get out without embarrassing myself. And I blew it!

Her brain was then further confused by media mogul Tammy Haddad.

I was in line waiting to go see him and I was talking to Tammy Haddad, who's got a media company, and she was saying, "He's probably going to kiss you, because he always kisses me, so get ready. And Michelle Obama, she might kiss you and Doug — my husband. So we're like, Oh really? How's it going to work?... It kind of threw me off.

After scratching their heads over the logistics of the very common hug-kiss combo that most adults are very familiar with, the Kellys struggled in vain.

I get in there, and there was no kissing and hugging. I was misled in that regard.

Luckily, the Obamas were still very gracious hosts.

But he was very generous. I said to Michelle Obama, "Thank you for having us, Merry Christmas, you have a beautiful family." I turn to him, I said, "Merry Christmas." He said, "Merry Christmas to you. Having a good time?" "Yes."

But then Obama throws a curveball, asking an extremely loaded question that upsets the fragile, precarious balance that Kelly is working so hard to maintain.

He said, "The White House is a pretty fun place, isn't it?" I said, "It is." And speaking about me and my husband, Doug, who's next to me, I said, "Maybe we'll be here in two years." And he looked at me like, "What?"

She explained to Kimmel that while she was just making an innocent joke about a silly pipe dream, the president probably wasn't having it.

It was like a joke that we were gonna run for office and we'd be in the White House in two years, and I think all he was thinking was, "Who is we? Oh, she’s with Fox News. Oh, I don’t like Fox News. Oh, that’s for Republicans, she must mean the Republicans! Is this a shot at me at my Christmas party?"

In reality, the president probably just felt uncomfortable over the extreme lameness of the joke. Nevertheless, Kelly took the opportunity to apologize to Obama, which was probably the nicest thing a Fox News host has said about the president since he took office.

President Obama, I apologize. I didn’t mean it that way.

This painfully awkward exchange certainly makes one wonder what else went down at the White House Christmas party. Here's what we're speculating (and sincerely hoping) happened.

Joe Biden Busts a Move

After drinking one too many glasses of Barack O'Bahama punch, Biden surprises everyone by turning off the Bing Crosby, turning the lights off, turning on the strobe lights he secretly had installed earlier in the day, and blasting Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass." People would be talking about his surprisingly on-point twerking skills if he didn't make everyone sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Nancy Pelosi Corners the Obama Girls

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

At some point in the night, Pelosi runs into Malia and Sasha and relishes the opportunity to chat with the young Obama girls. But a 10-minute conversation soon turns into a two-hour-long walk down memory lane as Nancy emotionally recalls her own trials and tribulations at their age. Malia and Sasha look desperately around the room for someone — anyone — to come rescue them, which finally happens when Biden blasts "All About That Bass" and Nancy says, "That's my jam!" and goes off to dance.

Obama Was Actually Thinking About the Filet Mignon

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Not to worry, Megyn Kelly. Obama wasn't offended in the slightest by your comment. In fact, he wasn't even paying attention — probably starting from when you opened your mouth. He was actually daydreaming, again, about the filet mignon they served earlier in the evening — the filet mignon that Michelle wouldn't let him have. "Studies show that cheat days are good," he tried to convince her, to no avail. If he hadn't been thinking about steak, he would have heard when Biden laid out his plans to "get the party turnipped."

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